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ASBOG Candidate Handbook

The ASBOG exam is typically administered in March and October; however, dates and the cost of the exam(s) are subject to change. ASBOG releases the registration form to State Boards in January and June. If you want to register, please email me your contact information, as well as which portion(s) of the exam you wish to sit for.


At this time, the fee for the Fundamentals of Geology is $200.00 and $250.00 for the Practice of Geology. I will complete the Board’s portion of the registration form and email it back to you. You will send the registration form and fee(s) directly to ASBOG. The Board also asks that you provide it with a courtesy copy.

Exams are given here in Montgomery, whether it be at the Board’s office or another state agency’s facility. That information will be provided to you once ASBOG has provided a list of paid candidates. Fees are not refundable nor transferable.

You are not required to file a license application with the Board, prior to the sitting for either exam. In addition, scores are received by the Board office within 8-10 weeks of the exam’s administration. The Board will mail the results to you. If for any reason, your mailing address changes after the exam, please contact the Board’s office immediate.

Reg Review, Inc. does offer study aids and courses in preparation of taking the ASBOG Exam. Please note that the Board nor ASBOG endorse this entity. It has been mentioned by past candidates that the materials were helpful. If you would like more information, please visit http://regreview.com/courses/

If you wish to register for the ASBOG Examination, please contact Ms. Hope Childers at 334-420-7205 or hope@alstateboard.com.